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Intro to the Blog

| December 03, 2018
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The world of personal finance is vast and for many people overwhelming.  In this blog, my goal is to provide useful information that is easy to understand and simple to implement.  Whether you are an individual that is looking to start the financial planning process, or an older individual approaching retirement, my hope is you will find useful and relevant information contained within the blog.  Moving forward I will attempt to discuss topics that we unfortunately do not learn in school.  The ultimate goal of this blog is to help spread financial literacy to the readers.  We will discuss topics ranging from income, spending, savings, investing and protection through the various types of insurance. Today, to conclude my first blog post I would like to share with you one of the most important factors in determining whether you will be successful in the pursuit of your goals. Time.  Time is our most valuable asset.  The more time we give ourselves to plan for, and to save for our future, the more likely we will be in achieving those goals.  The longer we have to work towards our goals, the more manageable the actions required to achieve those goals become.  I would like to encourage you all to take the time and think about what it is that is important to you.  What it is you hope to achieve in life, and how you picture your future.  Hopefully the information in the following blog posts will provide incite on how we can achieve our goals, and better plan for the future we want to create for ourselves.     

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